Branded USB Power Flash Drives Explained

Q) Can you deliver outside the UK and are there additional charges?

A) We can ship worldwide at no extra cost and with no extra lead time.


Q) I can't see any prices on your website. How much do your products cost?

A) The cost of USB memory fluctuates regularly, and prices are dependent on product, quantity, and memory size. Just get in touch for a full quote.


Q) What is the delivery time?

A) Usually products can be delivered in between one and two weeks.


Q) What kind of guarantees do you offer?

A) All of our products have a one year warranty.


Q) Do you have a minimum order size?

A) The minimum order varies between products, but usually either 25 or 50 units.


Q) Can I have files pre-loaded on to the USBs?

A) Yes, we can pre-load any files you have on to the USBs at time of production. They can be either erasable or locked, depending on your preference.


Q) Do you deal with bulk orders?

A) Yes! We specialise in bulk orders so quantity is never a problem.


Q) What quality of USB chips do you use?

A) We always use the highest quality of USB chips. Other companies may offer very low prices for recycled chips. These have a high fail rate and will decrease in memory size over time, and often lose data. We only use original grade A chips to ensure this doesn't happen. The fail rate of these chips is 0.01%.


Q) I need a product which I can't find on your website. Can you source other products?

A) Yes! The products on our website are just a selection of the most popular models. If you have seen something elsewhere which you'd like then please get in touch and we should be able to find it for you.